“Two Days”

As anyone who's undertaken a fitness regimen knows, managing what you're eating is the hardest part. Paying constant attention to everything you eat is really tiring, and while you're going to break diet some of the time (everyone does), it's important to make sure that you're not doing it all of the time.

What can you do? Maintaining a food journal can help, but it's a lot of work and if you stop doing it, it stops helping you. You may think you can rely on your memory, but honestly, your memory will conspire against you if the upside is a cupcake.

What can you do? Think about what you've eaten in the last two days. You can surely remember... it's only been two days. Are you happy with what you've eaten? Sure, you're going to think: This isn't really representative, there was that party last night... That's what everyone thinks, but if you don't keep track of the excuses you make for yourself, you're always going to have excuses.

Obviously, you're not going to be able to change everything about your diet at once... but if you reflect on what you've eaten recently and make small changes you believe in, over time you can get your diet to a place where you're happy with it.

We can help. We will send you “Two Days” reminder emails approximately once every two weeks (Why “approximately”? Because not knowing exactly when the email will arrive means you’ll strive to eat well every day – not just four days a month). When you get the email, reflect on what you've eaten, whether you're happy with it, and if there's something you want to change.